Top Ten

“I just want to say that there really could have been a top 20 here…this was the hardest judging I’ve ever had to do. Others that stood out to me were the little girls feet standing on Dad’s, the dad and boy playing the guitar, the image of the Dad and son looking at the airplanes….God so so many wonderful images!!!” ~ Meagan Dwyer Photography


Maria Griner Photography

“Here’s my favorite….It’s a combination of things, how Dad is closing his eyes looking like he’s making his most favorite “princess” wish as his daughter stares up at him so adoringly. I love the irony of the Dad wearing the princess crown because everyone always refers to a little girl being her Daddy’s princess. I love the memory at has been captured here…it will be treasured for years to come. I love the color processing. I love the fantasy feel – it’s like they been transported to their own little magical place. A beautiful beautiful capture.” ~Meagan


In no particular order, here are the rest of your top ten images..

K. Reeder Photography

“I love this one …. I’ve always found that Dad marvels at the tiny details more so than even Mom…I think it’s when he realizes he had a part in making this tiny human and had become a father.” ~Meagan


Debbie Deonier

“Best Dad Ever…Id have to agree…to hop on this tiny tricycle….probably back to the driveway because one of the littles decided he or she wanted to be pulled in the wagon instead…..Love this…” ~Meagan


Whimsy Heart photography

“I love this one on so many levels. Its the classic image of Dad carrying his child on his shoulders. It’s totally a Dad thing!! Not to mention, the processing of this is AMAZING!” ~Meagan


Jen Dale Photography

“Dancing with his “little” girl on her wedding day…a father’s Ultimate right of passage. You can see the bittersweet emotion of this moment all over his face. Stunning!” ~Meagan


LKSquared Photography

“I have no words! This is just such a fun moment with Dad!” ~Meagan


Stephanie Minior Photography

“This was in my list for top 10 as soon as it was posted! I love it….Dad is always the one to lift up the tiny baby in the air while all who watch cringe. But that baby is in the safest hands that will ever hold it!” ~Meagan


Cindy Robbins Photography LLC – North Jersey Lifestyle Photography

“I really love this! I love it for the originality — We cannot forget Grandfatherhood! Such an incredible role they play in our children’s lives.” ~Meagan


Sarandipity Photography

“I am FATHER hear me Roar!! Now this is one powerful Dad to take on this role!! I absolutely love the joy and the love captured here!” ~Meagan


JenDzen Photography

“Oh this is so perfect!!! Dad’s favorite time…to sit back and read the newspaper. Ahhhh, but always ambushed by tiny feet that just want to climb up and snuggle….Dad always makes room! LOVE!!!!!” ~Meagan


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